Stylish and Festive Home: Our Top 5 Bone Inlay Decors and Furniture

Decorating a first home or simply revamping a living room is such a fun and exciting thing to do. Through it, we are able to express our sense of design and add a personal touch to our private space. 

When it comes to style choices, the options are almost limitless. Just by browsing the web, you will get tons of ideas ranging from classic to contemporary designs.

However, if you are looking for something unique and luxurious with matching modern and vintage vibes, the list of Bone Inlay Decors and Furniture below might be worth-checking.

Bone Inlay Decors and Furniture

Bone Inlay Decors are naturally head-turners. Well, who couldn’t notice those very antique, stylish, and luxurious patterns? Typically, you can see such decorations and furniture in majestic palaces in India and lavish 5-star hotels. They are extremely elegant just by looking at them. But knowing the ancient century technique in crafting each piece will make you admire the style even more. 

The Process

LuxeDesigns partners directly with artisans in India who passionately make these Bone Inlay products with love.

The process starts from cutting the pieces into the appropriate size, dyeing with perspective colors, and then drying. 

Once the bone is ready, the design is carefully set on the metal base using adhesive. Aluminum is often used along with a layer of MDF or wood fiber compacted in a single layer. 

The shape and pattern dictate how the bone is placed on the base. Artisans generally take 4 to 5 hours to complete a single piece with complex and original patterns. 

The final product is taken to a finishing unit where the item is cleaned and prepped for shipping.

Our Top Choice 

Every single creation features handmade quality which packs India’s rich tradition. To help you choose the best decors and furniture pieces for a stylish and festive home, here are some of our Artisans’ best picks:

  • Decorative Serving Tray
  • Our Bone Inlay Decorative Serving Trays are beautifully-designed to provide you high-quality dining accessories and a one-of-a-kind home decorating experience. 

    Whether used for dining, serving drinks, eating a meal in bed, on your coffee bar, or even used as living room decor, you'll know that you have the best tray available! Their beauty is sure to bring you a super stylish room.


  • Wall Mirror
  • Sized perfectly to hang in a foyer entryway, bathroom, or above a small vanity, this 24” x 36” Mirror is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

    wall mirror

    The exceptional geometric designs are natural bone inlays that create a very appealing pattern – too stunning not to notice. It does not solely serve as an interior decoration but also helps in making a small space look brighter and larger.


  • Jewelry/Storage Box
  • This Decorative Storage Box is the type of organizer that you would want to display on your tabletop, desk, dresser, end table, or kitchen counter.

    jewelry box

    It makes a statement with its trendy honeycomb pattern created by inlaying bone and resin onto a carved wooden base. It keeps your important items secured in one place while providing the ultimate protection against damage.


  • Accent Table
  • Each stroke of the floral motif is individually hand-carved and assembled to create a stunning natural bone and wood design.

    accent table

    Beautiful as a stand-alone piece, but also great in keeping your bedtime essentials such as a book, delicate wardrobe pieces, or hot tea. It is sized to be used as a spare bedside table or nightstand, bathroom storage, or even a microwave table in your kitchen!


  • Drawer Dresser
  • This versatile, beautiful and functional three-drawer Imperial Beauty dresser complements any bedroom retreat or guest room.

    dresser drawer

    Measuring 37.5” x 17.25” x 35.5” it’s sized to fit any small area in your home or office. Its smart design makes LuxeDesigns’ three-tier end table an ideal choice for apartments and dorms.

    Embracing the Splendor of Bone Inlay Decors and Furniture

    This elegant design has been widely used in different places, especially in luxury ones. You can bring this majesty home just by picking the best piece for you! Shop more Bone Inlay Decors and Furniture here!

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