Our Story

How You Are Helping The Community:

Our goal is to simply provide you the same quality products that we use in our home, made proudly by those same artisans we have purchased from.  In doing so, we help the artisans and their families make a living. 

Furthermore, we invest back into the community where portion of our profits go to empowering woman, helping children, and aiding the elderly.  We actively donate funds to various NGO's, as well as collaborate with organizations to give back to those that need us the most!  

The Inspiration for LuxeDesigns Company

Growing up in India, I was fortunate to witness the hustle and bustle, vibrant colors, countless festivals, cultures, languages, and food.  Some memories from those times are so ingrained that I can recall each second conversations.  

As a kid, I vividly remember going to the local bazaars with my mom.  Being in the bustling market was oddly peaceful where no one was in a hurry.  We carefully explored intricately designed boxes, trays, furniture, coasters, trivets, among some things.  The artisan showcasing their skillfully created decor pieces, proudly saying "mere haath se banaya hein" (I made it with my own hands).  No pushy sales pitch, no gimmicks, no marketing.  They took more joy in learning about us and also discussing about their husband / wife and kids. 

As for the product, the artisans didn't need to mention the exceptional quality.  It was evident to the naked eye and if it wasn't, picking up the products, touching, and feeling it gave you the sense that we will not need to buy another one for more than a life time.

India to US And Then The Return:

Time soon came to make the move to America when I was 10.  The transition was a hard at first but we had to quickly settle in. 

After college, I went back to India to the same house that I grew up in (my uncle now lived there). Walking around, I noticed some of the same decor pieces still being used in what appeared to be in the same condition we left it in 22 years ago.  From the tea being served in the jugs, placed on the wooden trays, served on Mother of Pearl coasters. 

My blue US passport resting on the light red bone inlay dresser.  I was shocked to find out all these items survived 22 years of harsh Indian temperatures!  

De Ja Vu:

We went back to those markets, where surprisingly most vendors remained at those same shops, some I remember more than others.  Many even had their children with them, the same ones we heard stories about 22 years ago.

Birth of LuxeDesigns:

On my flight back to the US, I couldn't stop reminiscing about my experiences.  After a few years of planning, communicating directly with the artisans in India, carefully choosing products / making designs changes, sampling, we were ready to launch.  LuxeDesigns Company was born!

We are so excited to share the artisan products with you that will continually become part of your stories and experiences for many years to come!