Decorating Your New Living Room: A Beginner’s Guide

Moving to a new home gives us and our family the thrill of decorating it. Everyone has a design idea in mind, but can’t seem to figure out how to execute it properly. Thus, it leads to decorating disasters. 

We might get overwhelmed in mixing and matching elements, which can really be alarming. Our goal is to create a cozy space for the whole squad; something pleasant and feels like home. So, we need to keep in mind that a plan is necessary.

Below is a list of our top recommendations for living room decoration:


Getting Started with Your Decor Style in Mind

There’s a lot to consider when planning for a living room upgrade. There comes the right furniture, floor cover, paint, wall decors, and other embellishments. If you’re still uncertain about your plan, take this beginner’s guide to the successful living room decoration.


  1. Paint Color

Many homes in the US come painted.  However, if you have the option, choose a paint color that will contrast with other elements you want to include in your living room.  The paint color is one of the most important aspects of decorating! 


  1. Floor cover

If you are getting an area rug for your living room, keep in mind the right sizing. This is because getting a rug too small for the area can make the room look disjointed. Ideally, furniture should be sitting on top of the rug.


  1. Furniture

Choosing the perfect furniture for your living room is tricky. You need to consider their size, materials, and convenience. Be sure to take note of measurements so that you will have a vision of how you want the room to look like.

Arrange your furniture by choosing a focal point. Sometimes, less is more so don’t worry about filling up the room, but rather choose fewer but nicer pieces that complement the room.  One of our favorites is this Decor Tray, which can hold other decor items inside.  Best of all it fits all sorts of wall colors.


  1. Wall Art

An empty wall signals an incomplete room. Even though you are going minimalist, you need to have at least a few wall decors to accentuate the area. 

We don’t need to fill every space on our walls. We just need to add life to it so that it won’t look dull. But, as always said, make a plan! Choose the best frames and decals that will make your wall stand out. 

If you want a unique decoration to spice up your walls, check this stunning wall panel.


  1. Lighting

Depending on our lighting choice, you can make our living rooms a lot better or worse. So, it is pretty important that we know which one is ideal for the space.


Whether starting from scratch or just renovating an existing living room, it is important to take note of this simple guide so that you’ll be able to have a concrete plan. 

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