This Single Product Will Turn Your Home into a Baby-Proof Home

It’s indeed fun to have kids at home. Imagine the chuckles, laughter, cute voices, and all the baby stuff. But here’s the question: Is your home safe for the little ones? Is your home a Baby-Proof Home? 

If you’re quite unsure about the answer, keep on reading as before this article ends, you will discover what your home is missing to ensure overall safety.


What Makes a Home Baby-Proof?

Just because you know your baby can’t yet walk doesn’t mean he/she is safe from hazards at home.

As parents, we always want to ensure that our kids are secured inside the house – away from the risks of encountering accidents. With that being said, baby proofing is one of the first things you need to plan if you’re trying to provide the safest place for the young ones.

But, to do this successfully, you need to have a plan ahead of time. The best time to start baby proofing your home is at least 3 months before you give birth. This will give you enough time to reorganize stuff in a way that it cannot harm anyone.

Take note that baby proofing never stops there. When your child starts crawling, you will need to do a second baby proofing action to make sure that the house is safe whenever he/she develops certain movements.

Baby-Proofing in the Time of Corona Virus

Since most of us are now working remotely, computers and other gadgets became a common sight in our home. And you know what that means? – Cluttered wires, cords, and cables on the floor, desk, in the living room, bedroom, and in your workstation.

It is a very alarming scenario especially if your kids use to play around. Here are some risks of poor cable management:

  • Tripping and falling
  • This has been one of the most common injuries in the workplace and the same with a home office. If your wires and cables are not properly organized or hidden, it can result in such accidents that we don’t want our family to encounter.


  • Electrocution
  • Especially if you have pets who chew on wires, the risk of getting electrocuted is high because of unmonitored live wires. In addition, loose wires are also something you should be aware of.

    The Solution

    You can easily tie those cables but this doesn’t save you from the risks mentioned above. As a solution, getting a reliable Cable Management Box can be the perfect solution.  The best part is, it also comes with a free cable sleeve.  It is a one-stop-shop for your cable management needs.

    A Cable Management Box is a useful accessory that lets you organize and hide cables quickly. Not just it lets you stay organized at home but it ensures overall safety for your family, especially the kids.

    Using it is a breeze:

    1. Fill the Cable Management Box with a multi-plug.
    2. Plug your chargers or adaptors of your computer, TV, and any appliances.
    3. Enjoy cleaner and more organized cables!

    It is applicable and can be used in many ways:

    • Computer cables
    • TV cables
    • mobile phone cables
    • video game cables
    • speaker cables
    • audio and video cables
    • USB cables
    • power cords
    • and much more

    Where Can You Get The Best Cable Management Box?

    LuxeDesigns specialize in great handcrafting and woodwork. Here, you can find a super sturdy, sleek, decorative, and functional Cable Management Box that you can use to organize wires, cords, and cables. 

    Unlike similar products that use plastic as the main material, LuxeDesigns utilize Natural Mango Wood which is known to be a Hard Wood. Thus, you can ensure that you’re getting the perfect quality Cable Management System to create a baby-proof home.

    If you like to get the best deal for Cable Management Box and other accessories you can use at home, visit the shop here.

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