What is Mango Wood?

Did you know Mango wood come from the same tree that bears the delicious mango fruit?   After it stops bearing fruit, the tree is cut down by the farmer and used for furniture.  A new tree is planted, replacing the older one and the cycle continues!

Here are some characteristics of Mango wood:


FAQ of Mango wood Characteristic of Mango wood Explained
Is it a Hardwood? Mango wood is categorized as hardwood for its strength, density, attractive look, and the durability that allows it not to wear out quickly, keeping its high luster texture for years. 
Is the Wood Processed? Harvesting Mango wood does not require extensive processing, seasoning, and drying, making it more sustainable.
Which Wood Species Does it Resemble? Teak
What is the Color of Mango Wood? Dark tones to light brown, sometimes with a hint of pink.  Most often the color is golden brown, with variations that have more yellow tint, and/or black or pink streaks. 
Origin Ancient India about 4,000 year ago
Sustainable Yes, it is.  It is not listed on the International Union of Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.

Straight or interlocked

Durability Long, especially if protected with finishes 
Water Resistance Polished wood has enhanced water resistance qualities
What else can you tell us? Mango is the national fruit of India and Mango Tree is the national tree of Bangladesh


 Sources: Wood Assistant. 

We would like to thank the artisans in India that educated us on this wood species.

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