Build a Perfectly Organized Home Office

This global pandemic has indeed changed the way we live our lives – from socializing to going to work. We must now find a way to adjust to this new lifestyle.  Perhaps, the way of our current lifestyle will become more permanent in the future, as we continue to be connected and work remotely.

You may be reading this sitting on your chair or couch; finding some ways to reorganize your cluttered desk. Well, if that’s the case, we have the right solutions for you.  This article will discuss some useful tips and tricks in getting rid of your messy workspace.

Setting Up Your Office Space at Home

First, determine where you will set up your workspace? Is it in the corner of a bedroom? Middle of the living room?  Spare Closet?  This space must be an area where you are not distracted easily.  Also, it should be in an area where you can have some amount of dedicated space for your office needs.

If you already know where to set up your workstation, then let’s proceed to the organizing stuff.

5 Best Practices in Organizing a Desk + Home Office And Keeping Workspace Clean

1. Always place your computer in front of you

    I know this sounds silly because it’s so obvious. What we mean here is to fix the computer’s position straight towards you: never either side of the desk. This technique will help you focus more on your work while keeping you from needing to visit your chiropractor due to back and neck pain.  The distance between you and the computer shall be at least 1.5 feet.

    With setting up a computer and home office, there will be many cords to think about. Cables hanging out all over the place make for a cluttered workspace.  You can make use of a cable management box to conceal or declutter the cables. It is a very useful accessory not only for hiding unsightly cable wires and cords but also to ensure safety from accidental tripping.


    2. Keep similar items in the same place

    Another way to free your workspace from clutter is by keeping items in separate containers or caddy. For example, all pens, highlighters, scissors, and the like must be placed in the same holder. A caddy with multiple compartments can be helpful for this.

    For your papers and letters, you can use an envelope holder or multi-purpose file holder to keep your documents organized. 


    3. Don’t put unimportant documents on your desk

    Sort the documents in relevance and only keep the work-related / most important documents on your desk.  

    Bonus note: You can opt for color-coded file holders, organizing the documents by colors (segmenting each color with its importance).


    4. Limit your personal items

    We get it, you want to have 10 frames of your baby, wife, or dogs on your desk.  But remember, we are likely working with limited space.  Limit to having one photo frame of your choosing on your desk.  After all, if you are working from home, your kids, wife, and pets are next door.

    By limiting the stuff on your desk, you can focus more on the tasks at hand.   


    5. Remember to clean before you go

    When you leave your workstation clean, you will return to a clean work station when you return.  Research has shown that starting a workday to a clean workspace resulted in more productivity at the start of a workday.  A daily routine of desk organization will make you productive so you can return to your loved ones sooner after completing your work!

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