Get Rid of those Cluttered Cables and Spruce Up Your Home and Office, while Also Making it Safe

What was once a rarity, has now become the norm.  More and more Companies are supporting the work from home.  Workers are welcoming this change, however with change comes some adjustments.  What was once a living room or a bedroom, may now have to become your workspace.  As you begin setting up your PC, you soon realize a web of wires.  Cable Clutter!

This article will cover proper cable management and its benefits. It is not only applicable for personal or gaming PC's but for the overall organization in your home to make it look cleaner, larger, and safer. 

Cable Clutter as the Scourge of Today’s Work Desks

No matter how hard we try to go wireless, we cannot prevent a clutter of cords, wires, and cables from sneaking atop or under our desk. The charging cable wires for different devices create a huge unsightly mess.

To immediately resolve this issue, consider using a Cable Management Box.  I hadn’t heard of a Cable Management Box until recently and now I can’t believe I went all this time without having one.

Cable Management Box: The Answer to Cluttered Cables

A Cable Management Box allows you to keep those cables and cords out of sight. It is the perfect accessory if you are looking to clean up messy electric cables. It can be used for:

  • Computer cables
  • TV cables
  • mobile phone cables
  • video game cables
  • speaker cables
  • audio and video cables
  • USB cables
  • power cords
  • and much more

How to Use Cable Management Box

Using a Cord Concealer Box is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Fill the Cable Management Box with an extension cord outlet
  2. Plug your chargers or adaptors of your computer, TV, and any appliances
  3. Close the lid
  4. Use the neoprene sleeves that is supplied with the cable management box to bunch up the cables and tuck them neatly away
  5. Enjoy cleaner and more organized cables!

The Benefits of Using a Cable Manage Box

Aside from keeping your cables organized, a Wire Cord Management Box also keeps you and your family away from loose cables.  The cable management box has a magnetic lid keeping your kids and pets from reaching the dangerous extension cords.

Choosing the Perfect Cable Management Box for Your Needs

There are many options, but our top pick by far is the LuxeDesigns Cable Management Box. Check it out here.

Unlike similar products that are made from plastic, this cable box is crafted from Natural Mango Wood, which is known to be a Hard Wood.  You kids safety is important to choose wisely.  This sturdy material ensures a safer construction than the plastic competitors.  Best part is, it is made in India by artisans so you are also supporting the artisan community!

LuxeDesigns Cable Management Box is a one stop shop, as they also provide a neoprene sleeve as bonus.  The sleeve can be cut in any length to bunch the wires together and hide them away from sight.

It’s just a bonus that this Cable Management Box is a decorative piece!  The colors go well with any home interior design, blending in well with your home,.


What Makes LuxeDesigns Cable Management Box Different?

  • Has an ideal size side slots for all cable cord sizes, even the large cable cords – allowing easy Management
  • Strong magnetic lid with dual magnets conceals wire cords from pets and kids
  • Finger slot for proper opening of the lid
  • Strong antique color finishes which is hand made by artisans in India.
  • Ventilation holes in the bottom for electrical cords can also be used to mount to a wall or desk
  • Padded feet on the bottom so it doesn’t slide or scratch the surface it sits on

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways you can deal with messy cords and cables. You can even do-it-yourself! However, for optimum quality and safety, we recommend getting your Cable Management Box in a trusted store.  Your kids and pets are important, so choose wisely!

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